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(a) Matches affected by Bushfire, Water Restrictions, Petrol Strikes or unplayable home courts shall be deemed a draw.

(b) If due to wet weather the home court is unplayable, the match shall be declared a washout. This decision cannot be made before 8.15 a.m. and must be mutually acceptable to both captains. If it is not acceptable to both captains, all team members must attend courts. If all members of a team are not present, the eight (8) premiership points shall be awarded to the team not defaulting.

(c) If a washout is called by phone, the Home Captain ONLY must submit the online Mail Form to the current Record Secretary to advise of the washout.

(d) If owing to courts being unplayable at 10.30 a.m. play may be abandoned, unless Captains agree to wait to decide if the match could be played. If a match is stopped due to rain and is not able to recommence within one hour of such stoppage and no decision has been reached the match shall be deemed a washout.

(e) If the temperature reaches 32°C at the appointed starting time the match will be declared a heat-out and play abandoned. After the match has commenced, the temperature may be checked at the completion of each set and, if it has reached or exceeded 32°C, further play will be abandoned. The temperature may be verified by the clubs own thermometer (in the shade), a telephone call to the weather bureau 1300 163 578 or tuning in to a radio station. Cancellation must not be arranged before the appointed starting time.  

(f) On the days that have been declared a total fire ban in the areas covered by FTG&DLWTA, clubs which are within a high fire zone may call a "heat out" for both home and away matches - no earlier than 6pm on the day preceding the scheduled match. The Club declaring the "heat out" must advise the opposition Clubs affected by this decision. The home team only must submit the online Mail Form to the current Record Secretary to advise of the "heat out".

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