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Ferntree Gully And District Ladies’ Wednesday Tennis Association Inc.. Friendly competition tennis. Midweek Competition Tennis.  Wednesday & Thursdays Womens Doubles.  Enjoy a hit, join one of our clubs.

18. (1)  Subject to section 20, the Executive shall consist of ……………

        (a)  the officers of the Association;         and

        (b)  two ordinary members each of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association in each year.

    (2)  Each ordinary member of the Committee shall, subject to these rules, hold office until the Annual General Meeting next after the date of his election but is eligible for re-election.

    (3)  In the event of a casual vacancy occurring in the office of an ordinary member of the Committee, the Committee may appoint a member of the Association to fill the vacancy and the member so appointed shall hold office, subject to these rules, until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting next following the date of his appointment.

19.  For the purposes of these rules, the office of an officer of the association or of an ordinary member of the Committee becomes vacant if the officer or member …..

       (a)  ceases to be a member of a Member Club;   

       (b)  resigns his office by notice in writing to the Secretary.   


20. (1)  Nominations of candidates for election as officers of the Association or as ordinary members of the Committee:

        (a)  shall be made in writing, signed by two members of any Club and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the nomination form)

        (b)  and shall be delivered to the Association Secretary at least six weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    (2)  If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies on the committee, the candidates shall be deemed to be elected and further nominations shall be received at the Annual General Meeting.

    (3)  If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, the persons nominated shall be deemed to be elected.

    (4)  If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot shall be held.

    (5)  The ballot for the election of officers and ordinary members of the Committee shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting in such usual and proper manner as the Committee may direct.

    (6)  The Committee shall not at any time include more than two (2) representatives from any member club.

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