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Ferntree Gully And District Ladies’ Wednesday Tennis Association Inc.. Friendly competition tennis. Midweek Competition Tennis.  Wednesday & Thursdays Womens Doubles.  Enjoy a hit, join one of our clubs.


3. (1)  A Club which is approved for membership of the Association as provided in these rules is eligible to be a member on payment of an Affiliation fee payable under these rules.

    (2)  A Club which is not a member of the Association (or which was such a member at that time but has ceased to be a member) shall not be admitted to membership unless its admission as a member is approved by the Committee.

    (3)  An application for membership of the Association shall be made in writing and lodged with the Secretary of the Association.

    (4)  As soon as is practicable after the receipt of the application, the Secretary shall refer the application to the Committee.

    (5)  Upon an application being referred to the Committee, the Committee shall determine whether to approve or reject the application.

    (6)  Upon an application being approved by the Committee, the Secretary shall, with as little delay as possible, notify the Club in writing that it is approved for membership of the Association and request payment within the period of 28 days after receipt of the notification of the sum payable under these rules as the Affiliation fee.

    (7)  The Secretary shall, upon payment of the amounts referred to in sub-clause(6) within the period referred to in that sub-clause, enter the Club’s name in the register of members kept by him and, upon the name being so entered, the Club then becomes a member of the Association.


4.   Each member club will pay a team registration fee payable twice yearly as determined by the Committee and ratified at the following Annual General Meeting.


5.  The Secretary shall keep and maintain a register of members and delegates thereof in which shall be entered the full name and address of each member.

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