GUIDELINES FOR CAPTAINS LIST OF PLAYERS: Prior to commencement of a match, captains are to exchange lists of teams in playing order. This order is to be adhered to throughout the match or offending players lose that set to love. SCORE CARDS: Please print details – check section number, names spelt correctly, scores added accurately, then sign and date the card. Home team to submit online Mail Form to the appropriate Record Secretary by 12 NOON the day following the match. (Take note of the matches where results are to be submitted by 5 p.m. on the day of the match.) It is the responsibility of the Home Captain to ensure all details entered online are correct. Failure to do so will incur a $10.00 fine. All captains MUST retain score cards until the end of the season. Record Secretary may request to sight card at any stage during the season. EMERGENCIES: In order to be registered – See By-Law 9.1(a). When an emergency is used please ensure the emergencies name is written on the scoresheet and also in the message/extra registration section of the online Mail Form. (Only required first time emergency plays.) While an emergency is not allowed to strengthen the team, i.e. not be stronger than the player she is replacing, she may play in any position in that team. If using an Emergency Pool Player please check By-Law 9.2. WASHOUTS and HEATOUTS:: Washouts or Heatouts cannot be declared prior to 8.15 a.m. and must be mutually acceptable - see By-Law 7(b) and 7(e). Write “washout or heatout” across score card and submit the online mail form – use WASHOUT/FORFEIT/HEATOUT form. When a washout or heatout is declared after a match has commenced, record and total all games played as these are counted in the team percentage. Write “washout or heatout” at the bottom of the card and submit online MAIL FORM. In Message section write “Incomplete, Washout or Heatout”. FORFEITS: The team being given a forfeit shall submit the online WASHOUT/FORFEIT/HEATOUT form. MATCHES: Matches are to commence at 9.30 a.m. NOT HIT UP. A three minute hit up is permitted at the beginning of each set and a ten minute break is allowed between sets. BALLS: Four new V.T.A. approved balls to be provided by the Home Team. MORNING TEA Home teams may offer a light morning tea. Please continue to be respectful of players concerns regarding COVID. Should any team wish to BYO food and drink requirements as a courtesy please advise opposition Captains. Please note: Morning tea break to be no more than 15 minutes. CORRESPONDENCE: All correspondence to the Association should be directed through the Club Representative. All correspondence to the Association must be on Club letterhead or via email. NOTICES: All notices from the Association should be displayed on the notice board for all members to read. RULES: The most important guideline is to read and know the Association Rules as well as the Rules of Tennis. Remember we all play under V.T.A. Rules of Tennis unless otherwise stated in our Rules and Constitution.