GUIDELINES FOR CLUB REPS 1. Read through and know the Rules of the Association. 2. Be responsible for relaying all information to members of the club. 3. Fill in forms for registration of players and deliver to Association Secretary by the due date. Keep a copy of team sheets for the club’s own purposes. 4. Ensure all players, including any emergencies played throughout the season, are financial members of your club. 5. Notify captains of gradings received and of all players registered for each team. Notify of any emergency players who may be appropriate for each section but who aren’t registered. 6. Distribute ALL relevant information to captains before commencement of season. (Scorecards can be downloaded from the Website.) If players new to the FTG Competition commence playing with your club, then direct them to the Website - – to clarify By-Laws, Rules, Fixtures etc. Please Note: It is important to give team Captains the ‘Team Captains Contact Details’ document as this is not available on the Website. 7. Ensure that all ladders and notices are displayed promptly at the clubhouse for the perusal of players. 8. Attend to any correspondence your club may wish to make with the Association. All correspondence to the Association must be on Club letterhead or via email. 9. Personally notify each of your club’s captains of finals draws and venues. The notification of finals sheet should then be displayed in a prominent position at the clubhouse. 10. If your club is being used for finals ensure that the courts and clubhouse are open by 9 a.m. at the latest. 11. Attend the Delegates Meetings (AGM), or if unable to do so then appoint a proxy, and report back to your Club Members all decisions made at the AGM. 12. Ensure that information to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting has been fully discussed at the club level and that you vote as instructed by your club.