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Ferntree Gully And District Ladies’ Wednesday Tennis Association Inc.. Friendly competition tennis. Midweek Competition Tennis.  Wednesday & Thursdays Womens Doubles.  Enjoy a hit, join one of our clubs.


1. All Emergency Pool players must be financial members of a club affiliated with FTG & DLWTA, unless otherwise sanctioned by the Committee.

2. Players may apply to be an Emergency Pool player by completing the application form.

3. Players will be graded each season into Wednesday & /or Thursday sections (Section 1 – lowest section) and will be eligible to play for that section or above.

4. The grading committee can regrade (up or down) an Emergency Pool player at any time during the season.

5. Any captains requiring an Emergency Pool player need to contact the Emergency Pool Secretary - see Committee Members page on www.ftglwta.org.au

6. The captain (or team representative) is to contact the Emergency Pool player directly to determine availability.

7. Emergency Pool players can play any number of matches during the season.

8. There is no restriction to the number of times an Emergency Pool player can play with a team or club.

9. Emergency Pool players must play at least 2 matches (with any team or club) to play in finals. A request must be made to the Emergency Pool Secretary prior to the finals.

10. An Emergency Pool player must not be registered as a player or emergency on any team registration forms at the commencement of, or during, the season.

11. Name of the Emergency Pool player must be entered on the back of the scorecard and in the message/extra registration section of the online mail form with an (EP) entered after their name each time they play.

12. Only Emergency Pool players can play as emergencies for more than one FTG & DLWTA affiliated club.

13. Games will be lost if the Emergency Pool Secretary is not notified each time a Pool Emergency is used.  Please make this notification ASAP.